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Love our Gear and Love Health and Fitness?!

Become a FitAddict brand ambassador and get a discount on ALL our products!

All we ask is that you love health and fitness, and love our gear enough to help spread the word! We don't care where you are in your fitness journey, just that you have a goal of bettering yourself!

FitAddict Brand Ambassador Program


  • Help spread the word about FitAddict any way you can!

  • Use our Hashtag #Fitaddictco and tag us in your posts on instagram (if you have Instagram).

  • Put us in your Bio (If you have Instagram) 

  • Subscribe to our website to stay up to date!

  • Order an ambassador box! The box items are chosen by your (at least one piece of apparel but can be as many as you want) and it is discounted 30% and we throw in a free gift!


       Well of course your helping spread health and fitness!

  • Get 25% off ALL our products any time! (Not Valid with other coupons but is valid for sale items)

  • Offer 15% off to all your family, friends and social media followers. (Code will be given with approval letter)

  • We throw in a random item on top of your discount on ALL your purchases when you use your coupon code ( after your first purchase).

  • Send in photos of you wearing our gear and get featured randomly on our social media pages to motivate others to get healthy! 

  • Your Instagram photos may end up on our Gallery page on our website!

  • Also have a chance to be our Monthly Inspiration story on our website! 

Work your way to becoming a FitAddict Sponsored Athlete for added benefits but first you must prove yourself as an ambassador.

Please allow 24-48 hours for us to review your application and email you back. Check your spam folder during this time because sometimes our email back ends up there. 
If you do not receive any email back within 48 hours please just reach out to us!

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